high humidity even with cool air

Your AC Could Causing High Humidity in Your Home

September 9, 2022

When your air conditioning system is running, there should be a low humidity level in your home. However, many Pace, FL homeowners notice high humidity levels despite their AC running. Here are three reasons why there might be high humidity, even with the AC unit running.

1. Leaving Thermostat Fan to “On”

High humidity at your home when your AC is on could be due to leaving thermostat settings to “on.” When you set the thermostat to “on,” the fan runs constantly even when the AC unit isn’t blowing cool air in your home. It can also distribute humidity that is inside, throughout your home.

2. Using an Incorrectly Sized AC Unit Causes Higher Humidity

If your air conditioner is too small for your home, it won’t be able to remove enough moisture from the air. On the other hand, installing an oversized air conditioner will cool the room too quickly,without having enough time to remove humdity. This creates a feeling of dampness and high moisture level in your home.

3. Using an Old AC Unit

One reason your air conditioner may not be removing excessive humidity in your home is that it’s old and no longer functioning properly. As AC units age, they become less effective at removing moisture from the air. This is because the coils and other parts of the unit become covered with a buildup of dirt and dust or wear out, preventing them from cooling the air properly.

If you’re a resident of Pace, FL and you have been wondering why there’s higher humidity in your home, you need AC unit repair or installation services, contact us at Lunsford Air Conditioning and Heating. We would be happy to look at your system to see what may be causing the issue.

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