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If you’re experiencing uneven temperatures, drafts, and rising utility costs, it might be time to consider replacing your existing heating appliance. When the temperature drops, will your heater be ready to keep your family comfortable throughout the winter season? Older heat pumps and furnaces can experience frequent breakdowns and reduced efficiency. If you’re looking to replace your existing central heater, hire a contractor who has experience with every aspect of the heating installation process.

Professional Heater Installation

A heating system, whether it’s a furnace or heat pump, is a high-tech machine that contains complex parts and runs on high-voltage electricity. Only a licensed, bonded HVAC contractor has the tools and training required to install your new heater, so it conforms to strict local codes and the manufacturer’s specifications.

We’re proud to sell and service quality central heating equipment from Carrier. For over a century, Carrier has been an industry leader in developing dependable products that are 100 percent run-tested before they leave the factory. Carrier provides ongoing support, so your new heating appliance will provide outstanding efficiency and comfort. In many cases, the monthly savings on utility costs can actually pay for the unit over its lifetime. When our team is finished with your heater installation, you’ll feel confident your equipment will perform reliably through many winter seasons. We are known for our reputation as an honest and ethical family-owned company.

Heating Installation and Design

For optimal performance, your furnace or heat pump should be designed to precisely match your home’s heating load requirements. Two homes of identical size can have dramatically different efficiency profiles, depending on insulation, windows, doors, perimeter tightness and other factors. We’ll never present equipment options until we run a complete set of load calculations on your home.

At Lunsford Air Conditioning & Heating, we recognize our technicians are guests in your home when they install your new heating system. When the equipment is set and the final connections are made, we performance test the system to verify the proper volume of warm air is distributed to every room in the building.

Options for Heating Equipment

For both light commercial and residential applications, equipment choices are typically based on fuel availability and cost:

  • Heat Pump: A heat pump is similar to an air conditioner, except it has the ability to transfer warm air from outside into the living area. Heat pumps are appropriate for areas like ours, where the temperature rarely reaches or stays at the freezing point for very long.
  • Furnace: Furnaces are popular because they’re inexpensive, and natural gas is readily available and relatively cheap. Newer models are up to 98 percent efficient and include many convenience and safety features.

Your Milton Heating Professionals

Our courteous heating experts invite you to call and learn more about the many advantages of installing a new furnace or heat pump in your Pace, Milton, Escambia County, Perdido, Navarre, Gulf Breeze, FL or surrounding area home.

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