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Is Your HVAC Damaging Your Sleep Quality in Pace, FL?

October 20, 2021

After a long day at work, the last thing you want is something that will affect your sleep. Although the point of having an HVAC system in your Pace, FL, home is to keep you comfortable, it could affect your sleep quality by either not properly cooling or heating your home or emitting loud noises. Here’s what you need to know regarding how your HVAC affects your sleep quality.

Inconsistent Temperatures

If your home HVAC isn’t working consistently, you will most likely have a harder time sleeping at night. If it works well it will keep you comfortable, but it won’t work at all if it isn’t properly maintained. A home that is too warm will cause you to sweat, which is a major cause of insomnia.


If your home HVAC system makes loud noises when it runs, you will have a harder time falling asleep. This could be due to the system being off or the AC unit not being properly maintained. Instead of tolerating the noise, have your system checked by a professional.

Improper Humidity Levels

As the temperature in your home increases, your home can become not only warm but humid, which could make it harder for you to sleep. Install dehumidifiers in your home to eliminate the excess humidity.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

If your home HVAC system has improper filters, it could be causing issues. Unmaintained air filters will allow dust and debris to enter your home, possibly causing allergies to flare up.

Additionally, if the filter contains particles, it could cause respiratory problems. Change the air filters regularly to improve the air quality in your Pace, FL, home.

If your home HVAC system is not properly maintained, it could cause you to sleep poorly. Contact Lunsford Air Conditioning & Heating for your home cooling and heating solutions as well as your indoor air quality needs.

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