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How to Prevent Major AC Repair

August 29, 2020

The air conditioner is one of the most important appliances on most residential properties in Perdido, FL. Although manufactures design an air conditioner so that it is reliable and has a long lifespan, they can still suffer from issues due to neglect or a lack of maintenance. If you want to avoid major AC repair, here are a few important steps to take as a homeowner.

Frequently Change the AC Filters

Many people forget how important it is to replace the AC filters because they’re out of sight. It’s necessary to change the AC filter every month or two, depending on how frequently the filter becomes dirty.

AC filters can become clogged after a few weeks, which can cause the air conditioner to work harder than necessary to operate. As the AC works harder to improve the airflow, it can place excess strain on the parts and even increase your energy usage.

Repair AC Leaks

Air conditioning leaks not only result in lost energy, but they also increase your electric bill each month. You’ll need to hire a professional to inspect the AC system for potential leaks and immediately repair any that they discover. Ducts with leaks can lose 20% or more of airflow, plus you’ll notice that your home feels warmer despite the AC running.

Perform Routine Maintenance

The air conditioner needs attention just like other appliances to ensure it can continue to operate smoothly. Consider hiring a professional technician to perform a thorough inspection of the parts each year, especially before the summer season, to ensure it is ready for you to use.

We can check on all the parts and catch problems early. Our tasks include lubricating the motors and bearings, checking the refrigerant and pressures, cleaning the blower and fans, and if requested, cleaning the ducts.

We can also service your compressor, which you will find outside your home. With a regular maintenance schedule, we can make sure the area around it stays clear of shrubs, and that the fins are straight so that its smooth operation is not hindered.

Install a Smart Thermostat

More homeowners are installing smart thermostats because of how efficient they are and the convenient features they offer. Smart thermostats can quickly learn your habits and detect when you’re home or are away and will adjust the device accordingly. Smart thermostats will save energy, which will reduce your electric bill and also allow the parts to last longer.

Install Insulation

Insulating your home is essential to prevent as much cold air from escaping the building, which can prevent your air conditioner from running as long or as frequently. Consider installing insulation on the ducts in hot attics or various crawl spaces to ensure they stay cool in warm seasons. Consider adding spray foam, batt insulation or rigid-foam insulation to your attic space.

Promote Proper Airflow

Many people don’t realize that having enough airflow in the building is necessary to prevent air conditioners from going out of balance. If you want enough airflow in the entire house, you’ll need to keep interior doors open or keep them cracked to keep the air circulating. If there’s sufficient airflow, the AC won’t work too hard to try and push air through each room, which can protect the parts and extend its lifespan.

No matter how small, don’t ignore small changes in the temperature or flow of air. These types of problems can escalate into larger, more complex issues, leaving you without the cool air when you need it most.

Our professional team can give you the advice you need and do the necessary inspections and repairs to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the hot summer months. Call Lunsford Air Conditioning & Heating today and schedule an appointment for HVAC maintenance.

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