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Get Ultra Clean Air With an Ultraviolet Light in Cantonment, FL

December 18, 2020

Cantonment, FL, residents may know that ultraviolet or UV light is a powerful sanitizing agent. UV lights have become a hot topic as homeowners seek ways to improve their indoor air quality. Keeping indoor air clean is especially important during cold and flu season, so read on to learn about the benefits of UV light.

The Germicidal Properties of Ultraviolet Light

Since the early 19th century, people have used UV light to disinfect municipal water, kitchens, meat processing plants and laboratories. Ultraviolet light is a short-length energy wave that is powerful enough to disrupt the DNA in microorganisms. Bacteria and other microorganisms have a single cell, so exposure to UV light destroys them.

Other Reasons to Improve Indoor Air Quality With UV Light

There are a few key reasons that ultraviolet light air purifiers stand apart from other air purifiers on the market today. Because UV light purifiers only operate when your air conditioner or heater fan is on, they’re a more energy-efficient option. UV light also keeps your HVAC system more efficient by preventing biologic growth from clogging air filters.

Limitations of UV Light Air Purifiers

Ultraviolet light is only effective against certain types of air contaminants. For example, a UV light air purifier may kill viruses and bacteria, but it may be less effective against airborne fungal spores.

UV air purifiers also don’t neutralize pollution, volatile organic compounds, smoke, pet dander and certain types of biological growth. Choosing a UV light air purifier that has a built-in air filter will maximize air-cleaning power.

Potential Dangers Associated With UV Air Purifiers

There are many types of ultraviolet air purifiers, some of which are too strong for regular household use. The most common type of household UV purifier utilizes UV-C light. UV-C light may still destroy some materials with direct exposure. To avoid premature wear and tear, you should choose a system that has a durable construction.

Some UV air purifiers have a mercury vapor lamp, which produces ozone gas as a byproduct. Ozone gas is a pollutant that can cause chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing and throat pain. Your HVAC technician will inform you about brands of UV light air purifiers that you can operate in your home without producing harmful gases.

Choosing an Effective UV Air Purifier

There are several factors that contribute to an ultraviolet air purifier’s effectiveness. Models in which the airborne microbes come in contact with the UV light are most effective. In some purifiers, the airflow may have a cooling effect on the light and reduce effectiveness.

Some models require longer exposure to the air contaminant than others. Your Cantonment, FL, HVAC professional can help you choose a high-quality UV air purifier to help you neutralize germs in your home.

Is a UV Air Purifier Right for You?

If you suffer from allergy symptoms or respiratory ailments or if you would like to go the extra mile in neutralizing your home against airborne pathogens this year, a UV light air purifier may be right for you. UV purifiers that combine their sanitizing power with a high-efficiency air filter can filter out pollution, VOCs and dead microorganisms while the UV light deactivates viruses and bacteria. Choosing the right type of UV light air purifier is critical to reaping all the benefits of ultraviolet light purification.

UV Lamps and Other Indoor Air Quality Solutions

If you’re considering using UV light to improve the air quality in your home, knowledgeable HVAC technicians can offer a variety of safe, effective solutions. The technicians will evaluate your home to determine whether a UV light is the best option to optimize your indoor air quality and the overall efficiency of your HVAC system.

To learn more about our extensive selection of HVAC products and services in Cantonment, FL and the surrounding areas, call Lunsford Air Conditioning & Heating today. One of our courteous, professional team members will answer your questions and help you schedule an in-home estimate.

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