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Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Heat Pump in Freeport, FL

March 27, 2024

When running efficiently, heat pumps can regulate the temperature in your Freeport, FL home all year. However, a few common mistakes can really mess up how well they work. Keep reading to learn about some errors you should never make with your heat pump.

Ignoring Regular Maintenance

Just like your car, your heat pump needs regular checkups to run smoothly. Skipping annual maintenance checks means small problems can turn into major ones that can bring significant repair costs. Always get a professional to perform maintenance on your system once a year to keep it running efficiently.

Setting the Thermostat Too High or Too Low

It might be tempting to crank up the heat during winter or lower it significantly when temperatures soar, but this can backfire. Heat pumps work best when they maintain a steady temperature. Sudden changes can make them work too hard and lead to wear and tear, not to mention higher energy bills.

Blocking Airflow

Your heat pump needs space to for air intake and around vents. Positioning furniture or other objects too close to vents or the indoor unit can block airflow, which makes your system work harder and less efficiently. Make sure there is plenty of space around your vents and the air handler for air to move freely.

Ignoring Strange Noises

If your heat pump starts making odd noises, do not ignore it. Weird sounds can be a sign that something is wrong. Getting it checked out sooner rather than later can save you money and headaches down the road.

Closing Air Vents

Closing air vents in your house might seem like an effective way to save on energy bills, but it can actually cause more problems. When you shut air vents, you are not stopping your system from working. Instead, you force it to work harder and less efficiently.

This not only leads to potential damage over time, but it can also bump up your energy bills since your system has to strain to distribute air.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can keep your heat pump working well and your home comfortable no matter the season. To make sure your heat pump performs optimally, contact Lunsford Air Conditioning & Heating, and request our HVAC services straight away.

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