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Why Does My AC Have Ice on It in Milton, FL?

September 26, 2023

You don’t have to worry about ice forming on your AC just in the winter. Water can ice over your unit during any season if the internal temperature of the coils reaches below freezing. Here’s why your AC may have ice forming on it in Milton, FL.

Lack of Airflow

Your air conditioner requires a constant supply of air in the system. Issues that can impede airflow include a dirty or clogged filter, leaky ductwork or a physical object blocking the outdoor unit. Consider scheduling a duct sealing to limit energy waste and improve your indoor comfort.

Low Refrigerant Level

Your refrigerant level usually won’t run low unless there’s a leak in the line. The less refrigerant pumping through the system, the less it’s able to function efficiently.

During the normal cooling process, condensation forms on the internal coils and drips down into the drainage pan below. When there’s not enough moving refrigerant, the moisture will turn to ice on the coils and cause other problems in your AC.

Mechanical Issues

Internal problems like damaged fan blades, loose or broken valves or a blocked condensate line can all lead to the formation of ice. You’ll likely have a hard time identifying the root cause unless there are other warning signs. It’s best to call for professional maintenance services at least once a year to minimize the chances of any parts breaking suddenly.

Outdoor Temperature Too Low

As summer changes to fall, you may still require cooling during the warmer days. However, the night temperatures can sink low enough that your AC is not needed.

Unfortunately, AC freezing is a common issue households face during the hot season. You can lower your risk of developing air conditioning issues by scheduling routine AC service. Contact us at Lunsford Air Conditioning & Heating for expert cooling repairs in Milton, FL.

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