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How You Can Extend the Lifespan of Your AC System

May 5, 2020

Originally published in September 2017, updated May 2020.

In climates like northwest Florida, an air conditioning system is an essential amenity when it comes to indoor comfort. Offering protection against sky-high temperatures and high humidity, it’s an investment that safeguards your family’s health and well-being too. Most AC systems are rugged pieces of equipment built to deliver many years of reliable service. These tips can help you extend the lifespan of your Gulf Breeze, FL, hard-working AC system.

Invest in a Maintenance Plan

Even the most technologically advanced air conditioner will decline in performance without proper care. Cooling systems are made up of many components, but all are interrelated. A single malfunctioning part can throw the whole system off. Air conditioning maintenance plans offer you a cost-effective way to ensure that everything operates efficiently. Well-maintained systems not only last longer but cost less to run as well.

Check the Air Filter in Your AC System

It’s hard to overstate the negative impact that a dirty air filter has on system longevity. AC filters are designed to prevent dirt, dust and other contaminants from damaging critical components. It pays to keep them clean. Dirty or clogged filters impair efficiency, increasing AC energy usage by up to 15 percent. Most filters need to be changed every 3 months. We recommend you check them every month and change them more frequently, if needed.

Maximize AC System Airflow

Anything that interferes with your AC system’s airflow reduces its efficiency and shortens its service life. Use these strategies to make sure your energy dollars aren’t blowing out the window:

  • Maintain at least 2 feet of clearance around the outdoor unit.
  • Keep the area free of debris like leaves and lawn clippings that can clog the condenser’s fins.
  • Vacuum indoor air vents regularly to remove dust, lint, and dirt that can block airflow.
  • Seal leaky ductwork to prevent the air you’ve paid to cool from escaping through holes, cracks, and gaps.

Partner with Our HVAC Experts

Since 1981, Lunsford Air Conditioning and Heating has helped Gulf Breeze, FL, home and business owners make the most of their AC systems. Our NATE-certified experts are dedicated to ensuring that your family stays cool and comfortable for many years to come. For more information, call us today.

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