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Watch For These Commercial HVAC Issues

February 18, 2021

For any Gulf Breeze, FL, business owner, keeping employees comfortable is on top of the list. Your climate control systems play a big part in smooth operations and employee morale. You don’t want these all-important processes disrupted, so keep your eye on these Gulf Breeze, FL, commercial HVAC systems issues.

Circuit Breakers

The cause of a power surge tripping your commercial HVAC boils down to an electrical glitch. The good news to remember is the breaker is a safety measure that’s triggered when there’s an energy overload or other issue.

Power surges can happen if there’s a storm in the area. They also take place because of clogged air filters, dirty condenser coils, compressor failure and more. You likely won’t be able to pinpoint the issue, so it’s best addressed by a professional.


All commercial HVACs need to be replaced eventually. Regular maintenance and repair will be instrumental to performance and lifespan, but there’s no stopping the wear and tear that results from an aging system. When the time comes, listen to your HVAC tech’s suggestions for handling the situation.

Commercial HVAC Condensers

Refrigerant flows through condenser tubing, releasing heat to evaporator coils. If the balance gets thrown off, the entire process malfunctions. This results in warm air, icing and other issues.

Condenser failure is often the result of leaks. Leaks in the coils will significantly damage HVAC efficiency. Regular maintenance can minimize the possibility of leaks. Otherwise, if you do suspect leaks, you need to call your tech right away.


When your HVAC’s turning on and off frequently, it’s easy to assume it’s the system. But it’s just as likely to be the thermostat. Thermostats regulate the timing and consistency of cold and hot air produced by the unit.

If the thermostat’s malfunctioning, the entire system (and your Gulf Breeze, FL, business) suffers. It may be the batteries or faulty wiring, but the matter needs investigating and repair or your HVAC can’t do its job.

Nonstop Blowing

Your HVAC blowing cold or hot air can be the result of several matters. It’s possible your system needs more time to warm up. Flame sensors might be dirty and unable to ignite.

If you experience any cold or hot air from your HVAC blowing at the wrong time, you solve the problem by finding the underlying source. Otherwise, you risk letting the situation get worse. Call your HVAC professional to get your work environments comfortable and warm again.

Commercial HVAC Noises

Odd sounds steaming out of your HVAC need immediate investigation by a service technician. They’ll look at any unusual banging, popping, screeching or grinding noise coming from the unit.

Ductwork could be potentially undersized, or it might simply be a blocked air filter. There are particular noises — rattling or flapping — that means there’s debris in the duct.

Commercial HVAC Minimal Maintenance

This is likely the major issue that leads to bigger issues with any commercial HVAC. A lot of problems we address would have been avoidable if there had been an earlier inspection or system test. Regular maintenance plays a huge part in finding small glitches that can lead to big problems and additional expenses.

You’re not saving money by assuming if your air conditioning and heating systems show no problem, there’s nothing to worry about. Two maintenance visits a year don’t simply ensure your unit’s ready for the coming season, although they’re instrumental in knowing what’s required to have the system at peak to expand the unit’s life.

Once you recognize issues originating in your HVAC, you must take proactive measures to reconcile the problem. When your HVAC isn’t at optimal working condition, you inconvenience employees, deflate morale and increase the possibility of production diminishment. Being preemptive controls excessive energy consumption, maximizes efficiency and keeps your bottom line on an even keel.

If your business is being disrupted by troubles with your commercial HVAC system, reach out to Lunsford Air Conditioning & Heating and have one of our techs show you why we’re a leader in HVAC maintenance.

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