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Boost Home Equity Through HVAC Upgrades in Pace, FL

April 27, 2022

With the vibrant real estate market in Pace, FL, it’s only natural to think about keeping your home value high so everything is ready when it comes time to sell. Along with kitchen and bath remodels, HVAC upgrades are among the best to boost equity. In this article, we highlight HVAC upgrades you can make to boost the value of your home.

Insulate Your Home

A lack of insulation lowers your home’s value, makes a drafty feeling more likely in your home and causes your HVAC units to work harder than they need to. Because of this, it’s an HVAC upgrade that’s in high demand and almost expected at this point by new homebuyers. You’ll be able to get back everything you put in if you budget carefully.

Get a New Roof

Your roof is like an extra layer of insulation for your home, making old and broken shingles a major cause of not only eyesores but energy loss as well. Shelling out the cash for a repairs or an entirely new roof, if needed, is a lot, but you’ll typically recoup it when you go to sell.

Invest in a New Furnace

This upgrade only becomes worth it when your furnace is older than a decade. Since older units require more repairs than younger ones and cost more each month to run, prospective homebuyers love the idea of a new model they don’t have to worry about for years. Plus, it’ll save you money in the meantime to help you recoup some of the costs.

Replace Old Windows

Even proper insulation can’t protect a home from energy loss if the windows are old, outdated and leaking air to the outside world. Nearly a third of your energy goes straight out the window, so investing in double or triple-pane windows throughout the house lowers your bills and keeps you more comfortable. If the windows are fine, perhaps they need re-caulking to improve the weatherization in your home.

Replace Doors and Weatherstripping

Another common area of energy loss in your home is around and underneath your doors, particularly if they’re constructed of wood or glass. Replace any older doors with energy-efficient ones, typically constructed of materials like steel or vinyl, and replace damaged or outdated weather-stripping materials. The front door, in particular, is important to pay attention to since it has the potential to further increase home value by boosting curb appeal.

Invest in Your Ductwork

Believe it or not, your furnace isn’t the only component of your HVAC system you should consider replacing. Though air ducts typically last longer than a furnace, around 25 years, they begin to wear down and show signs of aging a decade or so before then.

Once they begin deteriorating, overall HVAC performance begins to drop. Installing new air ducts keeps the system efficient, which is a big draw for prospective homebuyers. Plus, it’ll improve indoor air quality and safety.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

New home technology and automation is a booming industry. More homeowners expect fancy upgrades and smart home technology when they move into a new space. A cost-effective way to give prospective buyers what they want is to purchase and install a smart thermostat.

Smart thermostats allow you to fine-tune how your HVAC system works both while you’re home and while you’re away. This customization and ease of use with your smartphone make them a great upgrade.

If your air conditioner is under 10 years of age, keeping it properly maintained is the best way to keep your home value steady. If you still need to schedule your spring tune-up, give us a call at Lunsford Air Conditioning & Heating and set up your appointment today.

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