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7 Ways a Smart Thermostat Saves Money This Summer

June 28, 2020

Smart thermostats are increasing in popularity because of the convenience they offer and the different functions they perform. Smart thermostats not only have a stylish design but can control various features in the home. As a homeowner in Gulf Breeze, FL, here are seven ways you can use a smart thermostat to save money this summer.

1. It Learns Your Habits

One of the main reasons that smart thermostats are so energy efficient is because they can learn your habits and will then automatically adjust the temperature accordingly. They’ll learn when the house is vacant and when your kids get home from school to keep the home at the right temperature for the time of day. Energy can be conserved when residents are away from the building, which can reduce your electric bill each month and reduce your carbon footprint.

2. It Tracks Your Usage

Smart thermostats are considered to be advanced because they are capable of tracking how much you use energy 24/7. They can provide you with data on how much energy you’ve used each day or month to ensure you can make the necessary adjustments and reduce your usage for added savings. These thermostats can even estimate your costs.

3. You Can Spot Leaks or Other Issues

As smart thermostats track your usage, they can make it easier to spot leaks or other problems that may be present because the device will alert you if there’s a spike in your usage. You may not be aware of a drafty area that is making your AC work harder, or use patterns that suggest your HVAC system may be reaching the end of its lifespan. You can investigate potential problems when alerted to ensure they’re resolved quickly.

4. It Works When You’re Away

One of the main draws of some smart thermostats is that they continue to work even when you’re not in the building. This feature, known as geofencing, can vary in different versions. Some will use your cell phone location and work up to several miles away, while others will work just within your home or certain zones within it.

Look for a smart thermostat with geofencing to ensure you can continue to save money when your home is unoccupied. The included sensors can allow it to detect when you are home (or heading home, with some models) to ensure the thermostat is adjusted to the right temperature.

5. It Tracks Dangerous Temperatures

If you’re away on vacation for an extended period, problems may occur if the temperature in the building is too high or low. Fortunately, smart thermostats can detect when the interior setting reaches a dangerous temperature and immediately begin to regulate the climate in the home. You can use this feature to keep pets from overheating on hot summer days.

With their advanced technology and 24/7 monitoring, smart thermostats are accessible by a smartphone or tablet if the temperatures suddenly drop. You can control the thermostat from your smart device.

6. It Provides You with More Control

Smart thermostats are connected to smartphones or tablets, giving you the option of adjusting the temperature while spending time at the office without having to head home. Having more control of the internal temperature in the house can reduce your usage, especially if you forget to adjust the thermostat before leaving home each day.

7. More Precision with Heat Pumps

More smart thermostats are now compatible with heat pumps, which work with the heater and air conditioner in a mechanical-compression cycle refrigeration system. Over time, this will allow you to make the systems more energy efficient and reduce your usage to lower your bill.

If you want to understand how your home can benefit from a smart thermostat, call us at Lunsford Air Conditioning & Heating to schedule an appointment. We’ll be happy to help you upgrade to a smart thermostat.

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