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7 Features That Will Make You Love Your Smart Thermostat

January 14, 2020

There are many smart thermostat features to be excited about that can improve your Pace, Florida, home’s HVAC system. Here are a few of our favorite smart thermostat features that we think any homeowner will fall in love with.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

One of the most interesting parts of a smart thermostat is its capability to connect to Wi-Fi. This feature lets you connect your home’s thermostat to your phone, which gives you ultimate control over your home’s HVAC system. No matter where you are, you can use your phone to adjust your air conditioning. This lets you lower your heating or cooling when the home is empty, saving you money on your utility bills. On your way home, you can readjust the temperature so that your home is comfortable for you when you walk through the door.

In-Depth Energy Reports

Many smart thermostats are able to gather data about your energy usage and HVAC habits. Your smart thermostat uses this information to create in-depth reports that you can study to see where your home’s energy is going. You’ll be able to see what factors in your habits and HVAC system are costing you the most money and take action to lower the energy consumption in those rooms or during those times. These reports are valuable tools for those who want to decrease their energy bills and improve their HVAC system’s efficiency.

Easy Zoning Systems

A smart thermostat with zoning can do wonders for your home’s HVAC zoning system. They make it easy to heat and cool the rooms you want to have a perfect temperature and save money in the rooms that are less important. If you already have a zoning system, you might have a separate thermostat for each zone. A smart thermostat can control multiple zones’ air conditioning, and give you the ability to control each zone through your phone.

Connectivity With Other Smart Devices

In addition to your phone, a smart thermostat can be controlled through other smart devices. If you have an Amazon Echo or Google Home device, you can probably connect your smart thermostat to it. This means you can adjust your home’s temperature using only your voice. You may also be able to connect your smart thermostat to other smart devices, such as lights or door locks.

Behavior Learning

Some smart thermostats are able to learn your heating and cooling habits and create a personalized schedule for you. After a few days of using your new thermostat, it can begin to recognize patterns in your usage and will make adjustments for you. For instance, if you leave for work at the same time every day and turn your thermostat down before you walk out of the door, some smart thermostats will recognize this pattern and turn itself down for you.

Energy Savings

Though smart thermostats generally have a higher price tag than conventional thermostats, over time it will pay for itself through energy savings. Many smart thermostats have features that help you find the perfect balance between a comfortable home and lowered energy usage. The thermostat itself may display a symbol that shows you the temperatures that will help lower your utility bills.

The reports we mentioned above may also show you when and where your largest energy consumption is happening, so you can react accordingly. Smart thermostats may also tell you when they’re experiencing a problem, whereas a traditional thermostat may waste energy until you realize that there is an issue.

Compatibility With Other HVAC Components

As you’re shopping for a new smart thermostat, ask your HVAC technician if it’s compatible with the rest of your HVAC system’s components. These include dehumidifiers, which many Florida homes use to improve their home’s air quality. If you have a compatible dehumidifier, your smart thermostat may be able to read the air’s humidity levels and tell your dehumidifier when it’s time to kick into action. This relationship can help you create the most comfortable and efficient indoor environment without you needing to take frequent action.

When you’re ready to upgrade your home with a new smart thermostat, give our team at Lunsford Air Conditioning & Heating a call at 850-203-3200. As technology advances, so does our ability to make your home as efficient and cozy version as possible.

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