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4 Times to Consider a New Heat Pump or Furnace

January 15, 2018

Though Cantonment, Florida, has relatively mild winters, a functioning heat pump or furnace is still a welcome convenience for cold weather comfort. Even the best heating system won’t last forever. Watch for these key signs that it might soon be time to think about getting a new furnace for your home.

Your System Is Aging

Furnaces typically have a lifespan of about 18 to 20 years, heat pumps about 15 years. If your system is in or near this range, it’s time to start thinking about your next heating system. If possible, don’t wait until your current system fails to consider what you’d like from a replacement. Even if you want to wait until your furnace is truly at the end of its life, it can help to start your research early. This will give you plenty of time to consider the different options and see what’s available in your price range.

Florida homeowners have a wide range of options for heating. You might choose to convert to a ductless mini-split heat pump or standard heat pump that can both heat and cool your home. A geothermal heat pump does this by drawing on the natural heat and cooling present under the earth’s surface to deliver eco-friendly comfort. Even more traditional furnaces come in an assortment of energy-efficient options today, so it’s worth taking the time learn more about what’s out there.

Repairs Are More Frequent

If you’ve noticed a steep increase in your repair needs recently, it’s probably time to start thinking about a new heating system. Toward the end of its life, a furnace will typically start to break down more frequently. Our technicians can give you a better idea of how long your system might last and what types of pending repairs are likely in the future if you find yourself in this situation.

At some point, you’ll probably discover that it’s more affordable in the long run to invest in a new unit than it is to continue dealing with repairs. Keep in mind that nearly any new furnace or heat pump will perform more efficiently than an older installation.

Your Utility Bills Are Too High

Are you tired of paying high utility bills? If your bills have been on the rise lately despite few changes in the weather, this is a key indicator that your system is feeling its age and might be getting close to the end of its life. Scheduling regular maintenance visits can help keep your utility bills down. However, if you really want to slash your utility spending, a new system is often the best way to go.

Furnace efficiency is indicated by the AFUE rating. The higher this number, the more efficient a system is. High-efficiency furnaces might have AFUEs in the 90s. Find out your current furnace’s AFUE rating so you can make an accurate comparison between it and your next installation.

Your System Is the Wrong Size

If your furnace or heat pump is over- or undersized, then you should think about investing in a replacement as soon as possible. In both cases, you’ll find that the system experiences more wear and lower efficiency levels than it should. If the furnace is too large for your home, it might reach your desired temperature quickly in the center of the house, but it will shut off before it’s had time to heat the entire space efficiently. This frequent cycling puts excess strain on the system.

If your system is too small for the home, it will run continuously without ever delivering the temperatures you’re after. This, too, will put more strain on your system than what it’s built to handle. In both cases, you’ll have high utility bills, more frequent repair costs, and a shorter-than-average lifespan for your furnace. Consider upgrading to a properly sized furnace instead.

If you’re ready to start thinking about your next furnace installation, give Lunsford Air Conditioning and Heating a call at 850-203-3200. We’ll help you explore your options and find the best new heating system for your needs. Once you’ve made your selection, we can provide efficient installation so you’re enjoying improved home comfort in no time.

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